Kicking off 2017 with Men in Gold 2017

Happy New Year! Many of you will be still be nursing hangovers or working on acquiring new ones before settling down to making a living. I’ve found that the best cure for a hangover is usually a stiff drink. Fortunately, I greeted 2017 in the bright sunshine of Cape Town where getting a drink is rarely an issue.

Crowds wave as yachts leave for the Cape Town to Rio race

At the waterfront, a group of brave men and women were embarking on the Cape Town to Rio yacht race. The Life Coach scored us tickets to the Maserati enclosure. Maserati makes beautiful cars that leak oil and break down often. This is possibly not the most auspicious association when you are setting off on a perilous crossing of the Atlantic. However, the drinks were free, and the occasionally tearful friends and family of the sailors were supporting them by imbibing deeply.

It was all very glamorous. Apart from the families of the sailors (blubbing…

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  • Smoothie! Wake up!
  • Good Bubbles.
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  • When it comes to full on tackiness there's nothing better than a combination of Las Vegas and China! :)
  • Colombo Gin Martini
  • Colombo G&T in process...
  • There must be 175ml of Tito's vodka in my martini! Bigging it up in Boston @clerysboston #martini #titosvodka
  • Entente Cordiale Marmalade Martini. Gin, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, marmalade, orange bitters. Brilliant with brunch! #brunch #martini

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