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In 17th century Amsterdam the unfortunately named Wynand Fockink, with the assistance of his mother (inevitably known as Mother Focking), set up his eponymous gin distillery. It was the heyday of the Dutch East Indies company and the wealth of the orient was flowing into Holland. Taking advantage of newly available exotic oriental spices, the Fockink distillery made expensive distillates for the rich burghers of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s oldest distillery and its products

The distillery is Amsterdam’s oldest and and remains largely unchanged. It’s core product is Genever, a precursor to the London Dry Gin that we drink today. Genever is softer and more floral than gin. Made from malt wine, Genever is typically drunk neat at room temperature. I was with Mini Me, the Princess Monkey and our Dutch handler. The handler introduced us to the Fockink people as representatives from Martini Mandate; an influential drinks publication. An impromptu tour and tasting session was organised. The distillery’s output is tiny and only sold at…

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  • When it comes to full on tackiness there's nothing better than a combination of Las Vegas and China! :)
  • Colombo Gin Martini
  • Colombo G&T in process...
  • There must be 175ml of Tito's vodka in my martini! Bigging it up in Boston @clerysboston #martini #titosvodka
  • Entente Cordiale Marmalade Martini. Gin, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, marmalade, orange bitters. Brilliant with brunch! #brunch #martini
  • Barrell Aged Sweet Manhattan Deluxe (Rye, red vermouth, Angostura bitters, Maraschino liqueur, Maraschino cherries with Lemon drizzle cake.  The first invented for Winston Churchill's mother at the Manhattan Club for a fund raiser she threw to support Teddy Roosevelt's campaign for the Presidency. The second from the Grocer on Kings Road. #cocktails #sweetmanhattan
  • Hot 'n Sour Martini. Vodka, vermouth, red chilli pepper, curry leaf, lime bitters. #ouch #martini
  • The long slow and bitter American. My riff on the classic Americano. Sloe gin, Campari, soda, fresh orange juice and orange bitters. #cocktails
  • Mexican sauces. Spicy to extreme. Hot stuff!
  • Cold brew coffee pressurised with nitrogen. Super cold with a creamy Guinness-like head.  That's a proper iced coffee!
  • A restaurant dedicated to bacon. The piggy kind. Not Francis. Yes! #bacononbree #bacon

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