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Sex, Socialism and Rock ‘n Roll


As a teenager I had a brief fling with socialism. It had less to do with politics and everything to do with meeting attractive members of the opposite sex. Left wing women believed in sex, drugs and rock and roll; my principle motivations for attending college in America. Right wing women believed in Jesus, which was not quite as much fun.

Although deficient in modern depilitory practises, most left wing women appear to have aged well. Tree hugging and a diet of sustainably sourced, free-trade organic seeds seems to have worked for them. Their biggest problem today, is a lack of socialist role models to revere. The few surviving socialist nations are broke and their “democratically selected” dictators are a nasty lot. For a while Hugo Chavez of Venezuela flew the flag for lefties. Fortunately for his legacy, he died before his policies bankrupted his long suffering nation. In the case of Chavez, death was definitely a good career move. Click here for my…

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