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The EasyJet Princess

March 27th, 2017|

I am flying EasyJet, the European low cost carrier, from Gatwick Airport; an efficient if not particularly desirable experience. I ...

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  • How many daiquiris does it take to get you through hump day? This is Feuerstein Bar in Berlin, featuring one of the more gracious and welcoming bartenders ever: Mo. Mo's favorite drink to make is a strong and tangy daiquiri, so we ordered plenty. Here's to getting through the rest of the week!😁🍸🍸
  • Tonight’s Cocktail. Frozen Vodka Martini. Grey goose vodka straight from the freezer, a spritz of Dolin vermouth and an olive from Puglia. Cheers all.
  • The "Manifest Sezerac" by the talented bartenders at Scotch and Sofa. My instincts would warn against putting Jägermeister in my cocktails, but the new "Manifest" version of the classic spirit is worthy of a finer palate. Made with maple syrup, Peychaud's bitters, a sprinkle of absinthe, and grapefruit zest. 10/10 would recommend 👌
  • A delightfully soft Sweet Manhattan. Beautiful glass too! @latagliata_london_
  • Missing the smell of summer? On the right is "Meyer's Curse" made with Tanqueray Gin, fresh Lemon juice, sugar syrup, and fresh basil. On the left is a personal favorite, the passion fruit Pornstar Martini. These delightfully sweet cocktails left me refreshed and dreaming of warmer days. And a little buzzed 😁 Bar: @prince_berlin Bartender: @dnavorskii
  • Vieux Carré - the rather delicious variant of the Sweet Manhattan. Rye, cognac, red vermouth, Angostura and Peychauds bitters. Deliciously aged and served in an ice lined container.