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The EasyJet Princess

March 27th, 2017|

I am flying EasyJet, the European low cost carrier, from Gatwick Airport; an efficient if not particularly desirable experience. I ...

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  • Was shopping for flowers to take to a cocktail party. Found pretty flowers and a dramatic setting.
  • This is the "Apple Sling" from Stock and Stein, made with @becherovka_cz, unfiltered apple juice, and tonic. Becherovka is a wonderful liqueur from the Czech Republic that tastes quite a bit like cinnamon apple cider. A refreshing apple flavor and an ABV of nearly 40% makes Becherovka a worthy cocktail ingredient, and one that paired nicely with my rustic surroundings. Cheers everyone! 🍎🍸🍎
  • This is the White Russian from Stock and Stein, a lovely bar and restaurant in Berlin. The atmosphere in this place is absolutely wonderful, especially for winter time. They have managed to make their bar feel like your grandparent's cottage, if your grandparents were fur trappers from the Canadian wilderness with an excellent taste in decor. Stock and Stein's version of a White Russian is made with Green Mark Vodka, Khalua, and cream, and it definitely made me want to kick my feet up and stay a while. Cheers!
  • How do you cope when the days are monochromatic and the thermometer only displays single digits? Is it ok that I play pretend? This is a strawberry daiquiri made with @_havanaclub rum, lemon juice, strawberry purée and a slice of melon from @tempobox in Berlin. Not exactly a seasonal choice, but if I can convince my mouth it's summertime, maybe my brain will follow suit! 😅☀️🍓
  • This #tbt post goes back to sweet flavors and nicer weather. This is "Meyer's Curse" from @prince_berlin. Made with Tanqueray Gin, fresh Lemon juice, sugar syrup, and fresh basil, this delightfully sweet cocktail left me refreshed and dreaming of warmer days. Bartender: @dnavorskii
  • When you tell the bartender you're a fan of olives 😅This extra dirty martini is from @tempobox, a bar and restaurant in Berlin that has some irresistible happy hour deals and surprisingly stylish decor. I stumbled into this casual establishment without any expectations and left with a smile on my face. Martini's always seem to have that effect on me. Cheers! 😁🍸