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‘Musical Hair’ Lalela Scarf


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Zandile is the artist behind this scarf. She is from the township of Mandela Park in the Western Cape, South Africa. She wants to pursue her dream to become a social worker.

All proceeds go to the Lalela charity.

50% Cashmere/50% Silk
200 x 100cm

1 in stock



The Lalela scarves feature inspiring designs produced from the children’s art work. 100% of the proceeds are returned to Lalela, thus funding the necessary teachers and equipment required to help overcome the narrative of poverty through the transformative power of arts education. A beautiful way to show your support for life-changing art.

The Lalela Scarf Story:


[la~le~la] v: A Zulu word that means ‘to listen.

Lalela started in 2010 as an outreach, after schools art program, for vulnerable children, in the Cape Town area of Hout Bay. Working to break the barriers of challenged circumstances, they start age 6 to develop the art of imagination and continue though grade12 connecting the arts to everything important in a child’s life, from core academics to critical life skills.