Kicking off 2017 with Men in Gold 2017

Happy New Year! Many of you will be still be nursing hangovers or working on acquiring new ones before settling down to making a living…. Read More

Port, Gay Indians and a spa in Africa.

 Calitzdorp is just over four hours drive from Cape Town and a typical little Karoo ‘dorp’. A town of two streets, a church and a… Read More

Atlas Traded

Atlas Trading, a spice shop in the Bo-Kaap is a veritable Cape Town institution. Bo-Kaap (meaning Upper Cape Town aka the Malay Quarter) is the… Read More

Not Your Grand Daddy’s Hotel

Martini Mandate guest writer the Drinks Pimp sends this report from Cape Town: Cape Town’s Long street morphs from trendy Afro centric shops to a… Read More

Glamming it up at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Roving Martini Mandate reporter the Princess Monkey writes from Cape Town where she’s been cocktailing with Marianne Fassler,  South Africa’s pre-eminent fashion designer. Grey Goose… Read More

The Nigerian Cocktail Scam

Nigerians must be some of the kindest, most generous people on earth.  Every week I am approached by Nigerians, many of whom I have never… Read More

Valentine’s Day Shaken and Stirred in New York, London, Cape Town and Colombo!

Saint Valentine was a third century saint associated with the tradition of courtly love.  Courtly love was practised in secret by the high born.  It… Read More

What To Drink When You Are Not Drinking

For reasons not quite clear to anyone, about a quarter of all drinkers in the UK give up the stuff in January.  Some claim health… Read More

The Cougar Edition: Hunting With the Female of the Species

My objective was to observe the predatory mating habits of the cougar. For those of you unfamiliar with the term because you live on a… Read More

Meanwhile in the Sunshine…

The winter is properly chilling us in the northern hemisphere.  Two British Swallows decided to share their slice of life from Cape Town in this… Read More

Martinis, Marathons and Getting Gingered Up

“To believe this story you must believe that the human race be one joyous family, working together, laughing together, achieving the impossible. Last Sunday, in… Read More

Escaping the Winter

The temperature is barely above freezing in London and New York. In Cape Town the sky is a brilliant blue and the temperature is a… Read More


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