Glamming it up at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Photo credit Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Roving Martini Mandate reporter the Princess Monkey writes from Cape Town where she’s been cocktailing with Marianne Fassler, ¬†South Africa’s pre-eminent fashion designer. Grey Goose… Read More

The Nigerian Cocktail Scam


Nigerians must be some of the kindest, most generous people on earth. ¬†Every week I am approached by Nigerians, many of whom I have never… Read More

Where Dirty Old Men Take Their Nieces to Lunch

Myla: Best of British

There are only two kinds of people who take a late lunch in the City of London; City boys celebrating a deal by getting plastered… Read More

Escaping the Winter

The temperature is barely above freezing in London and New York. In Cape Town the sky is a brilliant blue and the temperature is a… Read More

Cocktails, Clerics and Reincarnation

The wire frame Buddha at Buddha Bar London. Organised religion is a mass of contradictions. Ostensibly about peace, love and brotherhood, it is also a… Read More


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