Absinthe and Star Fucking

Like many large cities, London is a collection of neighbourhoods each with its own character. This nation has always had the church and the pub… Read More

Barack Obama and Sleeping with the Help

My good friend Eddy the Aviator drew my attention to a range of vaguely martini related products parodying the famous WWII slogan to “Keep Calm… Read More

A Tale of Two Bars

It all started innocently enough. Six friends meet for lunch on a crisp autumn afternoon. The view from the Oxo Tower in London is sublime…. Read More

Sacred Spirits

It was 2:30 on a grey Friday afternoon in London. Perfect Martini weather. The small tables in the bar at  Dukes Hotel all have “reserved”… Read More

NOUN /mɑː(r)ˈtiːni/

The Martini is a simple drink.  Two ingredients and a garnish.  So what’s the big fuss?  Why do authors, bon vivants and raconteurs go on… Read More


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