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The finest writing under the influence

Martini Mandate started out as a way to chronicle my adventures while searching for the world’s best martini.  For a while it also served as a cover for my real job as an international jewel thief and occasional super spy.  Martini Mandate is a blog about drinks, drinking, drinkers and the conversations we have while drinking. I live in London and drink at breakfast. To clear my head afterwards I run, swim and cycle before recovering with another drink.  I try not to golf – apparently it involves driving.

Drinking is really a way to have great conversations with interesting people.  The tales tend to get taller in the re-telling.  I haven’t had an interesting conversation with anyone who doesn’t drink.  If you find yourself on this website use it to find out what you are missing.  Or think about the last time you had an interesting conversation while drinking wheat grass.

I travel frequently, and pass through New York, Cape Town and Colombo with some regularity.  I try to give you a sense of colour about these and other cities I visit.  For me travel is not just about visiting new places or tasting new food and drink, but about getting to know the local people and finding out what makes them tick.  And occasionally explode.

Have a great read!


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