Welcome to possibly the best Martini blog on the web

imageMartini Mandate is a blog about drinks, drinking, drinkers and the conversations we have while drinking. Gehan lives in London and drinks martinis at every opportunity. To clear his head afterwards he runs marathons before retreating to his martini blog.
Just so you can’t say you haven’t been warned, the chance of reading a dull story on Martini Mandate is slim to none, and you don’t have to be a martini lover or have a perpetual cocktail at your side to join our exclusive group of martini followers.

So, what sort of blog posts can you expect to find on Martini Mandate? Gehan’s a frequent and discerning traveller, bags always packed for the next destination. He gains inspiration by sampling the fine, and occasionally not-so-fine, establishments around London, New York, Cape Town and Colombo amongst others. You can expect to find not very politically correct observations from a perceptive and sunny Martini drinker, plus reviews on cool places to eat, unusual and delightful cocktail recipes, new ways to drink martinis and an insight into the long-term effects of drinking…

Gehan regularly updates the site by providing valuable wisdom into the global cocktail and dining scene. Whether you are a cocktail lover or not, the Martini Mandate blog will continue to tell enthralling tales of the world and the people in it, with a heavy bias towards those who enjoy martinis. Obviously!