Happy Endings in Bangkok

Martinimandate.com bangkok

We were in a traffic jam somewhere north of Bangkok; a four hour delay on a journey of less than 30 Kilometres (20 miles). Worse,… Read More

Donald Trump’s European Tour

MartiniMandate.com trump

In 17th century Amsterdam the unfortunately named Wynand Fockink, with the assistance of his mother (inevitably known as Mother Focking), set up his eponymous gin… Read More

What to Drink When You Can Walk on Water

MartiniMandate.com Christo

The Kingdom is in an uproar. The palace intrigues in Britain relegate the Game of Thrones to the minor leagues. This is Macbeth with a… Read More

The Post Brexit Hangover

MartiniMandate.com hangover

The problem with democracy is that some people who have the right to vote are idiots. The U.K. feels like a place where everyone has… Read More

Adult Diapers are better than Breakfast Cereal

MartiniMandate.com brexit

In a few days the people of the United Kingdom will vote in a referendum to determine whether to continue its membership in the European… Read More

Hillary Clinton and the Boom Boom Bar


I am told that Hillary Clinton has a decent shot at becoming the next President of the United States. She is the best qualified candidate… Read More

Port, Gay Indians and a spa in Africa.


 Calitzdorp is just over four hours drive from Cape Town and a typical little Karoo ‘dorp’. A town of two streets, a church and a… Read More

The Big Match – cricket, topless Russians and mosquitos

MartiniMandate.com cricket

The boys storm the girl’s school in broad daylight. The more athletic jump over a boundary wall. A wheeler dealer type gives the security guard… Read More

Gin O’Clock

martinimandate.com Gin O'Clock

Gin business is big business. It seems you can’t cut a cucumber without being told of a new bespoke distillery dripping out a fresh botanical…. Read More

Hackers stole my drink

martinimandate.com hackers

That “oh shit” moment It was around 10pm when the message popped up on my screen “G, I think your site is down ☹ – Sally.” Sally… Read More

Madikwe Safari Adventure


Endless skies, red, hard baked earth and long horizons make for a thirst, quite distinct from a social drink. We were on safari at Leopard Rock… Read More

Atlas Traded

Houses in the Bo Kaap

Atlas Trading, a spice shop in the Bo-Kaap is a veritable Cape Town institution. Bo-Kaap (meaning Upper Cape Town aka the Malay Quarter) is the… Read More


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