The Big Match – cricket, topless Russians and mosquitos cricket

The boys storm the girl’s school in broad daylight. The more athletic jump over a boundary wall. A wheeler dealer type gives the security guard… Read More

Gin O’Clock Gin O'Clock

Gin business is big business. It seems you can’t cut a cucumber without being told of a new bespoke distillery dripping out a fresh botanical…. Read More

Hackers stole my drink hackers

That “oh shit” moment It was around 10pm when the message popped up on my screen “G, I think your site is down ☹ – Sally.” Sally… Read More

Madikwe Safari Adventure


Endless skies, red, hard baked earth and long horizons make for a thirst, quite distinct from a social drink. We were on safari at Leopard Rock… Read More

Atlas Traded

Houses in the Bo Kaap

Atlas Trading, a spice shop in the Bo-Kaap is a veritable Cape Town institution. Bo-Kaap (meaning Upper Cape Town aka the Malay Quarter) is the… Read More

Autumn Leaves and Bloody Marys


The offer to fly a light aircraft over Boston and into New Hampshire was difficult to refuse. The colours of autumn leaves in the American… Read More

Mile High Martinis


Long haul flights are excruciatingly boring. If you are a frequent flyer you’ve already seen all the movies. The quality of the food ranges from… Read More

The Pig, the Prime Minister and his Honourable Member


  The British Prime Minister is alleged to have stuck his privates into the mouth of a (mercifully dead) pig. David Cameron cocked up, but… Read More

Martinis and Ferraris


There was an episode of Top Gear where the team attempted to fry an egg on the engine block of a super car.  It “proves”… Read More

Dirty Pretty Things

SCANDAL, Joanna Whalley, 1989

The whiff of scandal gives Cliveden House, the grand home of the Astor’s a rakish edge. If you must have an affair at the height… Read More

Ageing Queens Rarely Look Good


My earliest memory of the Queen’s Hotel in Kandy (Sri Lanka) was visiting the in-house barber with my father. I must have been five. The… Read More

Casa Mono-Whose Casa is it?


Hilary Clinton wants to inherit her husband’s old job, because well, you know, she deserves it. Donald Trump wants to become president because he believes… Read More


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