The Art Dealer, his Wife, the Grandfather, and the Russian model fortnum

Fortnum & Mason is a department store in London. It’s been around since Queen Victoria was knee high to an Indian fakir and hasn’t changed… Read More

Beauty Queens and Crabs

Fat crab

A sarong clad decrepit of indeterminate age greeted us at the Sea View Inn, off the Marine Drive in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The wicker seat… Read More

Autumn Leaves and Bloody Marys

The offer to fly a light aircraft over Boston and into New Hampshire was difficult to refuse. The colours of autumn leaves in the American… Read More

Dirty Pretty Things

The whiff of scandal gives Cliveden House, the grand home of the Astor’s a rakish edge. If you must have an affair at the height… Read More

Ageing Queens Rarely Look Good

My earliest memory of the Queen’s Hotel in Kandy (Sri Lanka) was visiting the in-house barber with my father. I must have been five. The… Read More

Casa Mono-Whose Casa is it?

Hilary Clinton wants to inherit her husband’s old job, because well, you know, she deserves it. Donald Trump wants to become president because he believes… Read More

Sex, Socialism and Rock ‘n Roll

As a teenager I had a brief fling with socialism. It had less to do with politics and everything to do with meeting attractive members… Read More

Scotland: In Gratitude

If you’ve been on Facebook recently you may have noticed people posting a daily list of things that they are grateful for.  I’m not really… Read More

The Case Of the Man Who Wanted a Sandwich On a Wednesday.

In the past 15 years London has seen a surfeit of new waiters. They are mostly Eastern European and although many of them see waitering… Read More

Big Stinking Music Festivals

It’s officially the summer which means festival season is upon us.  This is an occasion when otherwise normal people trudge off to a weekend length… Read More

Vegetarians: What’s the Point? A Review of a Steak Restaurant.

When I grew up in Sri Lanka it was a largely rural, mostly vegetarian country.  The peasants were vegetarian out of necessity – meat was… Read More

Martini Mandate’s Top 5 Steak Restaurants in London

This is not a list of regular steak houses, but an eclectic collection of steak brought to you via diverse cuisines and places of origin…. Read More


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