The Porn Issue: Fifty Shades of Martinis

The Olympics are over. It’s been rather good – typically quirky, occasionally brilliant and thoroughly British. The underground transport system, the world’s oldest, didn’t fall… Read More

My Dinner with Nigella

Being the Chancellor of the Exchequer (a.k.a Finance Minister) is a shitty job. In hard times you get blamed for the tough decisions that have… Read More

The Opera Singer, the Investment Banker and the Communist

My father loved opera and our home in Sri Lanka was filled with music. Gigli, Callas, Caruso and Pavorotti would boom out of the stereo,… Read More

Why We Drink: Tales of Margaritaville and Frat Parties

This is my 20th post for Martini Mandate.  In researching this blog I have expended many pleasant hours in some fine bars around the world,… Read More


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