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NOUN /mɑː(r)ˈtiːni/

The Martini is a simple drink.  Two ingredients and a garnish.  So what’s the big fuss?  Why do authors, bon vivants and raconteurs go on and on about this drink?  Frankly it’s not about the drink.  It’s about what the drink stands for.  A Martini is not a frou frou drink for the faint hearted.  This is a big powerful drink for those who like their liquor hard.  So the drinker of a Martini is a drinker in the proper sense of the word.  Someone who likes to drink; who drinks when they are thirsty, who drinks with food, who drinks with company, who drinks alone.  A Martini drinker is not someone who orders a glass of white wine as rental payment on a bar stool.  The Martini drinker likes atmosphere.  The ambiance of the place is important, as are the type of people who inhabit it.  Conversation is welcome as long at the conversationalist is charming (or at least good-looking).  Ritual is important in the mixing and the pouring.  Barware is critical – a Martini is not proper without the right tools.  Then we have the ingredients. Vodka or gin?  Potato or grain? An olive or an onion?  Italian or Greek?  Or perhaps a twist.  So much to ponder.  Ultimately however, we drink Martini’s because we enjoy drinking.  Cheers!

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