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The Dry Martini Song

A little over a year ago I set out on a quest to find the world’s best martini. It was actually an excuse to go drinking around the world and to tell all my friends about it.  Surprisingly, many of you actually appear to read this blog.  A subsidiary benefit has been the invitations to go drinking with you in search of an epic “Martini Mandate evening”.  I thank you for your support!


I also discovered that a parent exercising his creative juices in public is deeply embarrassing to one’s offspring.  When the parent decides to pick up a guitar and make music it becomes a truly cringeworthy exercise.  It had to be done!

So here it is, The Dry Martini Song – an anthem to drinking martinis, a lament about poorly made martinis. It is a song that will make you want to pour another drink, if only in the hope of blocking it from your memory forever.

“It’s a banker’s drink.  They deserve this song”  The Guardian

“She should have poured that martini on his head!”  The Bartender’s Union

“It has good advice on mixing a dry martini.  The rest of the song is rubbish”  Rolling Stone

“Phoar! Follow the instructions on mixing a martini, turn up the volume and she’s yours! Killer!”  Loaded

“We wish he hadn’t done it”  My Children

Click  hear to listen to The Dry Martini Song.   Thank you for listening!











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