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Fashionistas Slum it for Dim Sum


Earl’s Court is a grotty neighbourhood full of student digs, chain stores and anonymous seedy restaurants. Nestled here is the Dragon Palace – perhaps the finest dive dim sum joint in London. The clientele is mostly Chinese with the odd Chelsea fashionista tempted out of her bubble by the promise of delectable dim sum. She carefully wraps her Hermes scarf a little tighter around herself, holds her Louis Vuitton bag a little closer to her body and scarpers across the road from the safety of her Range Rover as if crossing a war zone.

Even she knows the food is worth it. Light as air dumplings. Delicious tofu rolls in a light curry sauce. Fragrant congee. The average dish costs between £3.50 and £4.00. Wash it down with a bottle of Tsing Tao. Feast like a king on a pauper’s budget. This truly is a palace.

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