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A man with a moustache and a fantasy

“Do you fantasy?” asked the man with an oversized moustache and too tight pants. I’ve always thought that facial hair is a sign of character weakness.  Right now however, I have to get out of a tight situation.  What is the right response to his question?  Of course I have fantasies.  Doesn’t everyone?  Mine are mostly dirty.  And I don’t particularly want to share them with another man., fantasy
Fantasy sports TV studio at Rock & Reilly’s

I was at Rock and Reilly’s in New York City, an Irish sports bar that specialises in fantasy sports.  For the uninitiated, fantasy sports is a sort of online game where fans create imaginary teams consisting of real players of a professional sport.  The teams compete based on the statistical performance of the real players in real games.  It’s mostly played by couch potatoes who can’t find dates.  It is a multi billion dollar industry however, and Rock & Reilly’s sports a TV studio from which they stream fantasy sports news.  Apparently the whole thing is so popular that Rock & Reilly’s will stop pretending to be an Irish pub and rebrand itself as the Fantasy Football Lounge., fantasy
Light filled seating under a retractable roof

Whatever.  Rock & Reilly’s pours a decent cocktail and serves good burgers.  It has a dramatic 8,000 square foot outdoor terrace with a retractable glass roof.  At lunchtime it attracts a hip, attractive clientele who don’t appear to be fans of fantasy.  In fact some of them are models who work in the garment district where the restaurant is located.  Rock & Reilly’s is not a destination restaurant unless you are into fantasy sports.  However, the space is attractive and light- filled, making it a good lunch time venue on a sunny day.  And if you are a fantasy football fan – there’s a man with a moustache who can show you around.

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