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The Cape Town Job – questi giorni quando vieni…

Some time last year I started hunting for a little run about to use in Cape Town (read the story here). The chaps at Crossley & Webb, a classic car dealership, came up with a delightful yellow Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, circa 1974. Italian cars of this vintage are rust buckets. Fortunately this specimen has a beautiful rust free body. The mechanicals need some work, as is to be expected from a 40 year old car which hasn’t been used much. Fortunately the car is still drivable, with a huge grin factor. The chaps at Crossley & Webb will fettle the vehicle while I am away.

To celebrate a beautiful car and a beautiful country, Martini Mandate produced this video, complete with a mysterious cigarette smoking man and a faux Italian soundtrack sung by a bus driver from East London. We hope you get as much pleasure in watching it, as we did in making it!



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