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Bye Bye New Year Resolutions


You’ve been at work for almost a month of the new year.  The holidays seem a distant memory.  You still haven’t caught up with the email backlog from the holidays.  By now you’ve decided that any idiot who generates email traffic during the holidays doesn’t deserve a response.  Your new year resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.  As you decide between getting your 15th cup of coffee or taking up smoking so you can hang out with the hot girl from accounting – here’s the Martini Mandate Best of 2014 list (as determined by you).  Thank you for reading my musings – let’s retox together in 2015!


The secret fellowship between union members and prostitutes.  Click here to read how the London transport strike forced me to visit a whore house.


What do you get when you combine German levels of inflexibility with French levels of inefficiency? Switzerland.  Click here to read about Apres Ski Cocktails with Heidi.


What if Raymond Chandler reviewed bars in New York? Click here to read about The Case of the Classy Broad and the Missing Limes.


Are Nigerians the most generous people on earth?  Every week I receive an email from someone in Nigeria offering me money – because I am a good person apparently.  Click here to read about the Nigerian Cocktail Scam


Are you a failed middle class rebel?  Read Big Stinking Music Festivals by clicking here.


Competing with Football Stars for beds, cocktails and hookers? Click here to read Never Sleep Where a Footballer Has Been.


Click here to browse the Martini Mandate archives.






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