Happy Endings in Bangkok

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Clockwise from top: rainy day in Bangkok, rooftop view from the Octave bar, Brian May on stage in Bangkok.

We were in a traffic jam somewhere north of Bangkok; a four hour delay on a journey of less than 30 Kilometres (20 miles). Worse, we were running dangerously low on booze. The bottles of scotch, gin and vodka were gone. Those Bacardi Breezes at the bottom of the cooler were beginning to look tempting….

It started out innocently enough – a last minute plan to surprise my sister who lives in Bangkok, and my mother, who was visiting her. British Airways came up with free tickets and old school friends from Colombo decided to join the fun. Someone dredged up tickets to a Queen concert – I didn’t realize they still played together after Freddy Mercury died. A 1980s themed weekend in Bangkok seemed like just the thing to celebrate the end of summer.

Taxi drivers in Bangkok believe that every journey should…

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  • When it comes to full on tackiness there's nothing better than a combination of Las Vegas and China! :)
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  • There must be 175ml of Tito's vodka in my martini! Bigging it up in Boston @clerysboston #martini #titosvodka
  • Entente Cordiale Marmalade Martini. Gin, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, marmalade, orange bitters. Brilliant with brunch! #brunch #martini

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