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Of Tuk Tuks and Politics


Tuk Tuk drivers can have trenchant political views

Discussing the current situation in the Middle East with perfect strangers is not recommended.  Doing so in Sri Lanka with a tuk tuk driver, who insisted on making eye contact while speaking, turned out to be almost a life changing experience – both for me and a host of other road users!  According to my driver all the past troubles in the Middle East have been caused by western intervention and the current troubles are because of a lack of it!

Understanding the Middle East used to be simple. From a Western perspective, everybody over there hated everybody over here. But now they’ve decided to get introspective and hate themselves. It’s gotten so bad we can’t even figure out which side to sell weapons to.

My politics are slightly right of Genghis Khan’s. Not being a liberal I could never figure out the stuff that I didn’t understand. That’s never stopped the hemp and…

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