The Last of the Beardies fidel

Stylish bearded revolutionaries straight from central casting

Fidel Castro, the last of the beardies, is dead. Most of the communist era leaders had beards (except for Mao who couldn’t grow one). I miss them as I will miss Fidel. They were all true “people’s dictators”. Modern nasties lack colour and charisma; as a result they have fewer followers amongst western college students. These days a beardie smoking a cigar is more likely a hipster emulating a lumberjack than a revolutionary evoking Castro.

Dying at the right time can be good for your career. Just ask Elvis. Fidel hung around a bit too long for his own good. British politician Enoch Powell’s words never rang truer – “all political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure”.

Fidel’s mates knew when to pop off at a happy juncture. Ché left early and left a good looking corpse – ensuring a steady stream of royalties from the sale of T-shirts…

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