The Big Match – cricket, topless Russians and mosquitos cricket

Polite young cricket fans

The boys storm the girl’s school in broad daylight. The more athletic jump over a boundary wall. A wheeler dealer type gives the security guard the eye, offers him a cigarette and walks blithely in through the main gates. A tubby chap directs traffic outside the school with considerable drunken elan. Teachers flee in mock horror as the boys take over teaching duties.

An assault on women’s education in some oppressive Islamic state? Nah. This is all about a schoolboy cricket match in Sri Lanka – though not quite what the English intended when they introduced their hallowed sport to the colonies.

The boys demonstrate their blackboard skills with impressive illustrations of the human anatomy. The girls giggle and discuss whose brother is the cutest. As the cops arrive the boys melt away. No one is arrested. The “raiding” of girls schools is a time honoured part of the big match ritual. The fact that the ritual is completely pointless…

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  • Cold brew coffee pressurised with nitrogen. Super cold with a creamy Guinness-like head.  That's a proper iced coffee!
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