Beauty Queens and Crabs

Fat crab

A sarong clad decrepit of indeterminate age greeted us at the Sea View Inn, off the Marine Drive in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The wicker seat of his chair had worn through, leaving a gaping hole. He had no desk – there wasn’t room for one. We were in a small, dimly lit room which served as both entrance lobby and reception. The paint had once been a shade of red.  Our receptionist greeted us cheerfully and quoted room rates – Rupees 1400 (about £7 or US$ 10) for up to four hours or Rupees 1700 for the night. As an incentive to tarry overnight, a room service offer of two cups of tea (made and delivered by his unwashed eminence) was thrown in.  My dinner companion, the Glamorous Mop Head, turned to me with an “I don’t find this funny anymore” look on her face.

We were in the wrong place.

Escaping the temptations of the knocking shop we found the darkened stairway next door…

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  • Mexican sauces. Spicy to extreme. Hot stuff!
  • Cold brew coffee pressurised with nitrogen. Super cold with a creamy Guinness-like head.  That's a proper iced coffee!
  • A restaurant dedicated to bacon. The piggy kind. Not Francis. Yes! #bacononbree #bacon
  • Getting ready for poolside martinis. Freeze the gin. Freeze the glass. Pour & chill! #martini #poolparty
  • Bloody Mary as food. Yup, that's a mini cheeseburger...#bloodymary
  • Dirty Jane - vodka with pickled tomato and a dash of brine. It's dirty!
  • Tsing Tao beer has a fancy new design.  Who knew they use rice to brew beer? Lunch in a bottle. #tsingtao
  • Beetroot Bloody Mary. Delicious, with just a hint of sweetness. @pizzaeast #bloodymary
  • Rosemary Sparkler - St Germaine  elderflower liquor, prosecco, soda and rosemary. #bostonharbor
  • Alcohol flasks disguised as tampons. Indelicate yet intriguing! #tampons #flasks #alcohol
  • Bloody Lupe - tequila, clamato juice, spices and a dash of rum. A lighter version of a Bloody Mary. A perfect start to the weekend!
  • Cost Centre Number One arrived from the USA. She travels with a gin making kit! #travellingdrunk #planedrinks

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