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The Nigerian Cocktail Scam


Nigerians must be some of the kindest, most generous people on earth.  Every week I am approached by Nigerians, many of whom I have never met, offering to deposit substantial sums of money in my bank account.  That’s really sweet.  Nigeria has its own problems with poverty, but their people are true humanists, willing to share what they have with those less fortunate.  I am planning a trip to Abuja to meet all my new friends.  I imagine a city full of smiling people greeting visitors to their fair city with a fistful of dollars.  If I were a 21st century Dick Whittington I would pass on London.  Abuja is where it’s at!

Friendly, good looking Nigerians were much in evidence at the Shimmy Beach Club, Cape Town’s newest gliterati hot spot.  The location is magical.  One drives through a working harbour, past active warehouses to a perfect plot of land jutting into the ocean.  Shimmy is huge.  There are two swimming pools, a…

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