Autumn Leaves and Bloody Marys


The offer to fly a light aircraft over Boston and into New Hampshire was difficult to refuse. The colours of autumn leaves in the American North East are stunning – seeing them from the air is a rare treat. Flying small planes in the UK is a pretty casual affair. You show up at a tiny airport with a storied history; many airfields in the South East served as bases for Spitfires in World War 2. You take off and land from a bumpy grass runway, the nearest homes less than 100 feet beneath your wheels. The clubhouses date from the war era (as do the toilets and the plumbing). Flying in America is a little more structured. Without the requisite security pass I was told that I couldn’t even use the Port-a-Potty without an escort!  We pulled up next to a row of small hangars. My friend 20/20 man casually revealed that he’d built our tiny aircraft himself. 20/20 man builds machine vision systems for robots when…

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  • Bloody Mary as food. Yup, that's a mini cheeseburger...#bloodymary
  • Dirty Jane - vodka with pickled tomato and a dash of brine. It's dirty!
  • Tsing Tao beer has a fancy new design.  Who knew they use rice to brew beer? Lunch in a bottle. #tsingtao
  • Beetroot Bloody Mary. Delicious, with just a hint of sweetness. @pizzaeast #bloodymary
  • Rosemary Sparkler - St Germaine  elderflower liquor, prosecco, soda and rosemary. #bostonharbor
  • Alcohol flasks disguised as tampons. Indelicate yet intriguing! #tampons #flasks #alcohol
  • Bloody Lupe - tequila, clamato juice, spices and a dash of rum. A lighter version of a Bloody Mary. A perfect start to the weekend!
  • Cost Centre Number One arrived from the USA. She travels with a gin making kit! #travellingdrunk #planedrinks
  • Vermouth from the famous Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Paris. Delicious over ice! @bottleapostle @jerrythomas # vermouth
  • A little gem of a liquor store in Primrose Hill. Fabulous selection of wines, beers and curiosities. @bottleapostle #liquorstores
  • Now that is a whiskey selection! #whiskey @maysvillenyc
  • Edward VII and Lillie Langtry's love nest. I had a cocktail there and felt cramped. Dude, couldn't you afford a bigger room? #lillielangtry #affairs @

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